Scottish Mysteries & Ghosts – Fly&Drive tour in Scotland

If you are an independent traveler and want to enjoy freedom and security at once, here is the option for you. This tour has been designed to show you the best castles around Scotland, enjoy this experience and learn something more about Scottish mysteries and ghosts!

From 480£
7 days/6 nights
560 miles

ITINERARY: Edinburgh – Stirling Castle – Glamis Castle – Dunrobin Castle – Dingwall – Glencoe – Edinburgh


1. Edinburgh

2. Stirling

3. Glamis castle

4. Cawdor castle

5. Dunrobin castle

6. Dingwall

7. Glencoe

On the first day we suggest to take some time to explore Edinburgh, visit Edinburgh castle and the Holyrood Palace, home of Mary Stuart once and official residence of the Royal Family in Scotland nowadays.

Second day is dedicated to the visit of two famous castles linked to Queen Mary of Scots: the Stirling Castle and the Linlithgow Palace.

The famous ghost of Stirling Castle is the “Pink Lady” linked to Queen Mary herself. According to the legend, Stirling castle is also haunted by a “Green Lady”, thought to be Mary’s maidservant. The legend says that the phantom of the Green Lady has appeared few times as if checking for fires.
The Linlithgow Palace is the birth place of Queen Mary and apparently Margaret Tudor’s ghost still wanders in the castle waiting for her husband Henry VIII to come back home from the war. Overnight in Edinburgh at the Airth Castle.

Our third day starts with the most haunted castle in Britain: the majestic Glamis Castle where Shakespeare’s Macbeth was set. Glamis castle is the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth, now the family home of the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne. The main ghost of Glamis castle is the “Grey Lady”, linked to Lady Janet Glamis, burned as a witch and accused of plotting against the King. In the chapel you will see an empty seat reserved for the Grey Lady!

Many people also reported the presence of a group of men playign cards. This is linked to Earl Beardie’s legend: it seems that the Earl is doomed to play cards with the Devil for all eternity in the castle. The legend says that during his visit at the Glamis Castle the Earl became very aggressive while playing cards and he died only a few days later! There is also a secret room in the castle, the room of a monster who is the rightful heir of the property. The only problem is that there is no access to this room from the castle, you can only see the window from the outside! Overnight in Edinburgh at the Airth Castle.

Next stop: Cawdor Castle where Shakespeare set the famous scene of Duncan’s murder in Macbeth. Cawdor Castle is haunted by two ghosts: a lady in a blue velvet dress and the first Lord Cawdor John Campbell. Overnight in Dingwall at the Tulloch Castle.

On day five we suggest visiting Dunrobin Castle, the seat of Clan Sutherland. Dunrobin castle is haunted by Margaret, the daughter of the 14th Earl of Sutherland. In the 17th century the Earl locked her daughter in the attic of the castle to prevent her marriage with the man she was in love with. She died trying to escape and her ghost still wanders in Dunrobin Castle crying for her lover. Overnight in Dingwall at the Tulloch Castle.

Talking about mysteries you can’t miss Nessie, the famous inhabitant of Loch Ness. You can book a daily boat trips and cruises on the lake.

On the banks you can also visit the ruins of Urquhart castle, Scotland’s third most visited site also because of its link to the Loch Ness monster.

Departure for the Glencoe, the site of the infamous massacre of the whole MacDonald Clan.
Overnight in Edinburgh at the Airth Castle.

This tour has been designed to show you the best castles around Scotland, enjoy this experience and learn something more about Scottish mysteries and ghosts!
May/June/October July August September
Double room £480 £495 £545 £495

Children up to 3 yrs: free
Children 4 to 12 yrs with 2 adults: £ 95

Included in the price:

  • 4 nights’ accommodation & breakfast at the Airth Castle
  • 2 nights’ accommodation & breakfast at the Tulloch Castle
  • 6 days Car hire (Cat. B, VW Polo/Opel Corsa with CDW, city centre pick up and airport or city centre drop off)
  • Scottish Breakfast

It is possible to upgrade the tour (extra nights in Edinburgh or Glasgow, single room option). Quotes available upon request.

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